Friday, 9 December 2011

Santa Nails!

Well, not quite but I'm a big kid and I love Christmas so I couldn't resist doing Santa nails. :)
They're really simple and only done on a few nails, the rest is red glitter. 
This was really simple to do, it's a one coat of Nails Supreme red, then on the thumb and ring finger its one coat of OPI's Getting Miss Piggy With It which was an early Christmas present from my Auntie. I'm in love with it, its so pretty! Then for the Santa coats I did stripes of Nails Supreme white, black and the belt buckle was done with the glittery gold. I really like them, they're simple and not perfect, but I still really like them!
Here are my Nail Supreme nail pens/polishes, they are pretty much the majority of my collection of nail varnishes. But it is slowly growing :) please do excuse the doodle that's been smudged out, haha! I get bored sometimes.

Again any constructive critiscm would be lovely, I appreciate any comments! Thank you :)

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  1. Hey! This nails are awesome! I think I should try to do something similar ¬¬ Great blog :) You have a new follower!


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